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Create a Cognitive Affective Map (CAM) to understand how you feel about what you think

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You can download your CAMs (as PDF images and as raw network data), but you can only work on one CAM at a time, and you can’t save your CAM and come back to edit it later. The map will be gone as soon as you exit the drawing tool.

Accounts are free and allow you to save and edit your CAMs.

Create an account with Valence to work on multiple CAMs simultaneously. You can save and edit your work and re-name your CAMs as necessary, and you will benefit from any future improvements to our CAM management software.

Select the "Researcher Account" option to manage CAM Projects and invite people to be participants. Those people are assigned a non-identifying username and given a password to access your project. You can manage your project, see which participants have completed their CAMs, compare metrics across CAMs, and download all project data in one click (as PDFs or network data). You can also access the drawing tool to create CAMs outside of your project.

Who is using valence?

Valence is used to create Cognitive Affective Mapping (CAM) by academic researchers, conflict resolution practitioners, political activists and many others.

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